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Comparison chart

You will find below a comparison chart of some versions of IntelliCAD. All are not indexed (in particular "exotic" ones, Japanese, Turkish, Greek etc). The first column of the table indicates the name of the editor, the second the name given to the product. "2004" indicate compatibility with the Dwg 2004/2005 format. "Languages" indicates the presence of programming languages. Following information and prices are given as an indication, they can vary in time. Visit the editors site for detailed information.

Company Name 2004 Languages Price Remarks
DP TECH IntelliPlus Standard V6 Yes Lisp, SDS, Vba 249 €  
  IntelliPlus Premium V6 Yes Lisp, SDS, Vba 449 €  
  IntelliPlus Pro V6 Yes Lisp, SDS, Vba 749 €  
  IntelliPlus PDF V6 Yes - 120 €  
IntelliDesk 2005 Yes Lisp, SDS 750€  
CADopia IntelliCAD Standard No Lisp 149 $  
  IntelliCAD Pro No Lisp, Vba 349 $  
  IntelliCAD Premium No Lisp, Vba 249 $  
BricsCAD IntelliCAD Classic V6 Yes Lisp, SDS 345 € Linux Version available
  IntelliCAD Pro V6 Yes Lisp, SDS, Vba 445 €  
ProgeSOFT IntelliCAD 4 Iron Yes Lisp, SDS 80 €  
  IntelliCAD 4.8 Gold Yes Lisp, SDS, Vba 170 €  
CMS IntelliCAD 4 Standard No Lisp, SDS 51.95 $ Lowest price !
  IntelliCAD 4 Premium No Lisp, SDS, Vba 144.95 $  
  IntelliCAD 4 Premium + No Lisp, SDS, Vba 173.95 $  
AutoDsys IntelliCAD 4.8 Standard Yes Lisp 149 $  
  IntelliCAD 4.8 Pro Yes Lisp, Vba 249 $  
  IntelliCAD 4.8 Pro Plus Yes Lisp, Vba 349 $  


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